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The 010-04X fields contain the control and link numbers, the standardized numbers, and the codes that relate the bibliographic item described in the record.

A unique number assigned to the MARC record by the US Library of Congress (LC = Library of Congress). Valid MARC prefixes for LC control numbers are published in MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data.

The registration number of copyright or legal deposit for each item that has said registration

International Standard Number for books assigned to monographic type publications by agencies in each country. This field may include terms of availability and canceled or invalid ISBNs.

International Standard Serial Number is assigned to a serial publication by a national center sponsored by the International System for Serial Data (ISDS International Serial Data System).

It contains a standardized number or code published in the item which cannot be entered in any other field (e.g. field 020 (ISBN)), 022 (ISSN). The type of number or code is defined by the first indicator or in subfield $ 2 (Source of the number or code).

Formatted numbers used for sound records, printed music, and video recordings. Raw numbers are entered in field 500 (General Note). A printing constant can be generated that identifies the type of number based on the value of the first indicator.

A system control number other than that contained in field 001 (Control Number), field 010 (LC Control Number), or field 016.

## $ bAmerican Institute of Physics, 335 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y. 10 017 $ c $ 24.00 (institution, U.S.) $ c $ 26.00 (institution, foreign) $ c $ 14.00 (individual, U.S.) $ c $ 16.00 (individual, foreign)

## $ bEROS Data Center $ f9-track tape; $ gDEM; $ c $ 40 (per file) $ c $ 20 (per file in groups of 2 to 6) $ c $ 90 base fee plus $ 7 per file (in groups of 7 or more). $ gASCII recording mode; available with no internal labels or with ANSI standard labels; logical record length is 1024 bytes; block size is a multiple of 1024 up to 31744 bytes; 1600 or 6250 characters per inch.

The MARC code for the name of the organization that created the original bibliographic record, assigned the MARC content designation, and transcribed or modified the MARC record on the computer (except for the holdings fields). These data and the code 008/39 (Source of the cataloging) specify the institutions responsible for the bibliographic record. The source of the code is the MARC Code List for Organizations or a list of affiliated organizations maintained by the LOC.

It contains the MARC language codes associated with the item when the language code contained in field 008 / 35-37 of the record is not sufficient to communicate all the information. It includes records in several languages, items that have translations, and items where the means of communication is a sign language. The source of these codes is MARC Code List for Languages.

Up to three MARC codes for geographic areas associated with the item. Each code is seven characters long. The codes are taken from the MARC Code List for Geographic Areas. Subfield $ b can be used in the expansion of the geographic area code (GAC)

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