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It is impossible for a person on the brink to be unafraid. And with that image I want to say: either we do it or simply the fall comes. You assign an important role to the private sector, to foreign investment, to the regulatory framework, to the incentives that may be created. Where should we start?

It is documented, for example, that in the aggregate (the global economy) Latin America is going to be a great producer of food for the world. Because that is where it is seen that it would have a fundamental contribution, among other things, due to its characteristics and its endowment of resources. If we try to see the subject with a little more distance, the precipice should not be such. That is precisely what collective and interdisciplinary thinking is about, which you have to have. Deciding the way so that, as part of the global economy, we reach the endowment and the qualities for the development of the country and that, simply, takes you off the cliff. You are on the precipice, if things are done as we are currently doing.

Venezuela lost the production capacity to supply itself in what are basic items. What could we do to recover those levels of agricultural production? What experiences could give us a trace of the way forward?

The approach would have to be in food production and in the extractive industry in Latin America in the future. I do not think that it is only a question of recovering self-sufficiency in agricultural areas, but of changing the approach. Why? Because it is not about going back to the indexes that we had but about reaching the maximum where you can be. If in Venezuela specialization, the incorporation of technology and the use of available resources are adopted, we could stand out beyond the traditional areas. Precisely, we have to decide where our specialty is. That is the task. In what areas? That question does not tell us what the challenge is. We have to understand that when we talk about food we refer precisely to a set of activities that go beyond what would be primary production. And that is part of the great debates that have to take place. I do not pretend that I have reached the starting point, quite the contrary. But we cannot stay alone in the conjuncture.

There is another fundamental sector, the backbone for development, industry, manufacturing, which in the hands of the private sector represents barely six percent.

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