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There was an economic boom and in any case it was the fault of the unions, then the world oil crisis and it was the fault of the unions. Then came an era of milk and honey: the economy was pulling, there was Sor Bettino and wads were spinning like confetti on New Year’s Eve and, nothing … it was the fault of the unions. And so between ups and downs, here we are in year two of the Renzista era, where everything sparkles with hope and beautiful little phrases to effect and: guess what? It is the fault of the unions. The melting of the glaciers and that of the Beatles, internal immigration and the cyclical crises of capitalism, the restructuring and mass layoffs, the Righeiras, youth unemployment at its historical peak and we are still there. And that the most stale sentence of Italian politics ever is then pronounced amid the applause at the Unity party is also a good retaliation: we come from afar, we go far, then there is this U-shaped curve, parabolic, that we it brings back there, to the silent majority, to the march of forty thousand, to doctor Romiti, to la Malfa and Malagodi.

It will be said that the classic always goes, that the blue jacket and the phrase “it’s the fault of the unions” will never fade. It will also be said that a season of contract renewals is now opening, and that therefore the formula is back in fashion for tactical reasons. And it will also be said that an entrepreneurial class that in recent years (all these years) has given its worst – the other half of corruption, where the bribe is the link between politics and business – if the quarry with the balances, indicating a scapegoat: the usual.

Yet there is also something new. The “new ones” who according to Squinzi “make all our dreams come true” (October 2014) would have missed one: that of trampling the trade unions. And Squinzi powerfully remembers him at their party, what was once an appointment for the pride of workers and today looks like a little Leopolda where it is theorized that rights are a nuisance that slows down. It is not the cliché that amazes (nothing is less surprising than clichés) but its new declination. If Blairism continued Thatcher’s work by marching on the rubble of the concept of social protection, here the poor managers of the existing must do two jobs together: they must pretend to be Blair (who already …) and act as Thatcher, defend the name of the left in the logo of the company (which already …) and in the meantime make Margaret’s hard face. A hard job. Who to ask for support? To whom to entrust a piece of the anti-worker narrative? But of course to the entrepreneurs, sanctified in recent years as saviors of the homeland who then, since the homeland is not being saved at all, point the finger at others. Easy. Elementary. It has been done for sixty years, why change?

Solemn promise: I will not speak of the Rimini meeting, of CL, of the applause to Renzi. That is, if you want to do so, it would be enough to photocopy the articles of the last few years, perhaps the last few centuries, since the main activity in the well-known mysticism & business festival is clapping hands. There, everyone, absolutely everyone, was applauded and greeted as saviors of the homeland: Berlusconi and Monti, Formigoni and Renzi, commissioner Basettoni, Odoacer king of the Eruli (5th century AD), protomartyrs, mountaineers, carriage drivers, economists, people making the Rubik’s cube in six seconds. Tom Cruise presented himself dressed as an Alpine: applause. Balotelli appeared: ovation. So nothing, I will make conscientious objection, at least until (let’s hope never, eh!) Some Caliph of the Islamic State will be hosted at the meeting: unbridled clapping, because after all he too is very religious. And that’s okay: it is the sign that those there, who are so devoted, the world is fine as it is, as long as one commands something, from the planetary economy to the municipal economy, and they are happy, and they support it with conviction.

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