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Other denials rule, more powerful and devious. On an ideological level, for example, certain ultra-liberal discourses appear to be caused by amnesia. Faced with a system that has clearly not withstood the blow, which has proved to be fragile and unequal to the highest degree, more market is called for – not less (or more regulated). The new head of Confindustria, who essentially says “give all of this money to us”, perhaps forgets that so far it has gone just like this: they have given it to them, including reductions, loans, discounts, concessions. It is an exquisitely economic type of denial: it denies every mistake of the Italian business class, every lack of vision, every short-sightedness, to ask for more money, and trust, and “change the country”.

More amusing, because underground, mimetic, almost unconscious, certain amnesia eroded by time, as taken for granted. Example of school, cuts to health. There has not been, for three months, confrontation, talk, controversy, discussion or debate in which someone did not deplore the cuts to health care. That is why we have to take the money from the Mes, tied to the Healthcare. It is because we have cut the beds, or the medicine in the area, or the staff, that we have been with water in our throats for weeks. Everyone says it, absolutely everyone, even – self-denial – exponents of the forces who voted in Parliament for cuts in health. A memory disorder that also affects commentators and conductors who deplore, cursors who whip, interviewers who ask. And one wonders – about Eraserhead, the mind that clears – if those commentators and presenters and interviewers said something, at the time of the cuts to the Healthcare, or if they endorsed the current idea of ​​”rationalizations” and “harmonizations” (i.e. cuts). In short, denying, removing, forgetting, which almost always means absolving oneself of any past sins and running for the “after” as new. Bleached. The fly, the goldfish, selective memory, so that everything remains as it was.

Rumor has it, in the corridors of the Lombardy Region (bounced on some newspapers), that Giulio Gallera will not spend the summer: first he will be joined by a task force to stem his brilliant intuitions in the health-virological field, and then, towards July, he will be removed discreetly. Reshuffle rate 0.2, that is, according to Gallera’s theories, five will be needed to replace Gallera. With five Gallera in charge of health, an increase of about 125 percent in witty jokes about Gallera is expected, 56 percent of which will make you laugh enough, and therefore 2.3 humorless people will be needed, but at I walk together, to stop the Lombards from laughing.

It is estimated that out of ten citizens of Lombardy, nine and a half are very dissatisfied with its management of the Covid emergency, and Gallera immediately replied that a hospital must be equipped for that poor Lombard who was cut in two by statistics: Bertolaso ​​will take care of it.

But first the good news: the contagion rate in Lombardy is 0.5 percent, so to get infected (Gallerian theory, 2020 AD) you have to meet two positives dressed well: one holds you still and the other licks you (I know , the scene is repulsive, but science can’t be pitiful, guys!). When the infection rate drops to 0.2, it will be enough to meet a completely positive basketball team on the tram, and when it drops to 0.1 to infect us you will need a chorus of Alpine, all positive, who pass the fiasco to you. . In that case – as it is quite rare – the swab will be done to the heirs in 2026, for free, but only if not surprised to make out with 3.8 positive girlfriends.

Nobody, we know, seems a genius to his contemporaries, he succeeded Galileo, let alone Gallera, but it is certain that Gallerian mathematical theory will assume a certain value for humanity in future centuries.

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